A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Hole

A third series of pictures taken through tiny holes left though my fingers.




You may want to see my previous “through-my-fingers” pics

here : https://hersko1.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/through-my-fingers/

and here : https://hersko1.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/through-my-fingers-soooo-edited/


13 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Hole

    • Thanks.
      It’s actually less intuitive than it may seem, as I often take tens of shots before selecting one with what seems to me the correct color of the fingers, a good framing of the subject, a good focus (or defocus), etc.

      • Do you look through the view finder when doing this, or shoot from the waist? It has a very spontaneous and unplanned feel (which I really like).

      • Ahh, what a good idea. Mine have all been with small point and shoot film cameras, mostly accidental, and no way to see the effect until the film is processed days or weeks later. I will have to try this with my phone.

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