Through my Fingers

The fantastic red / orange / pink color of bright light through human fingers.

And a glimpse of something through the tiny space you may leave between them.

It also makes a decent post for the “Summer Lovin'” Weekly Challenge.

20140723_133231 20140723_133227 20140719_141618 20140719_141751 20140723_133308 20140719_141543

Corsica 2014


13 thoughts on “Through my Fingers

  1. I absolutely love how original perspective in your photography you have! Not only through-your-fingers photos but also the others are striking. Keep the good things coming 🙂

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  3. I love the effect you got with red going throughout the photo. It add so much depth to the images. I especially like the beach one because the red turns an ordinary beach scene into extraordinary. The same with the one of the sky. Great digital work

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